The Essence of all Essence – Part 1

True Nature has many names but ultimately it is undefinable. Language falls short to describe our fundamental nature. Imagine a world where we simply knew I Am awareness, that we are wholeness already. This creative principal is who we are. It has no duality. It is infinite.

The Essence of all Essence – Part 2

We are all one infinite field of potential and awareness is absolute clarity and wisdom. When we are grounded in the present moment we have no questions unless we believe in our thoughts.

Surrendering Into Vibration

Zeerak speaks about what happens when we become fully aware to the vibration within ourselves, that same vibration that lies at the heart of creation. She also speaks about what happens when we fully surrender into that vibration and where it can take us, to the point where the sense of “me” or “you” dissolves away.


Beyond Survival

Zeerak beckons us to fearlessly live in the unknown and allow divine intelligence to carry us. Only then can we live beyond simply base, biological and survival needs and contribute to our evolution, individually and collectively.


The True Self Reflection

When we sit in spacious awareness the past doesn’t hold any power. We disidentify with our personal stories and open to the incredible power of the present moment, to the intelligence of the cosmos, to the inexplicable design of the universe.


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