Surrendering Into Vibration

Zeerak speaks about what happens when we become fully aware to the vibration within ourselves, that same vibration that lies at the heart of creation. She also speaks about what happens when we fully surrender into that vibration and where it can take us, to the point where the sense of “me” or “you” dissolves away.


I’m not asking you guys to be passive in sexuality, or anything like that. I’m asking you to be. It is in the being that the becoming comes forward and sensually moves through you. Which is not about orgasms. It’s about connection! And going into surrender of vibration.

And now, let’s talk about vibration. This vibration is the energy from the Big Bang that constitutes this universe. Now the scientists are talking about string theory. This vibration is intelligent. So when it comes from the place of consciousness and moves through you from that surrender and vulnerability, where you are with yourself, or with divine, the exaltation of the divine, with the complete immersion of spirit. Whatever, you’re feeling, you’re being and you’re engaging in this type of intimacy. That’s pure emotion. That is e-motion, energy in motion. That does not have a thought, and a story, and then an emotion. A story is “I don’t like this,” then the emotion. A pure emotion most of us have experienced is watching a sunset for example. And that split second of “Ahhh” when you forget yourself you see. When–you–forget–yourself. Ecstasy! That’s where it’s at!

So vibration, that’s why we do breath work. Ultimately it is also taking you to emptiness. It will give you sensations, but if you have that consciousness, it will be that observer, that presence, that being-ness, that will ask, “who is feeling the sensations?” You can completely experience it, be there totally but that doesn’t mean that next time and the next time you want to have better sensations. You’re not going for more and more. You’re experiencing that which is, from this place of consciousness you will truly feel it, and be with it, all that which rises and subsides. All God.

You resist it, it persists, you all know that. Whatever you reject, internally it will persist and will reflect outside. [question asked from audience, “Does that include incessant thought?”] Incessant thought is going on in every single one of us whether we deny it or not. You know, the chatter. It’s ultimately the association with it that shifts, and you’re not directed by it. You’re no longer directed by thought. And that’s why in that surrender, in that vibration, In those spiritual sexual practices when you surrender in such a way, from a deep place and completely let go, this is where the no mind glimpses or experiences begin to happen. No more incessant chatter for those moments. That’s why everybody wants to go for orgasms, it’s probably the closest we can get to that place in us that is ecstatic and at the same time you are not in your mind. But for some it’s split seconds, for some that practice it’s a little longer but again, not to burst your bubble you guys, but experiences are simply experiences. And it’s very easy for ego to wrap itself around it to want more experiences. And then there is this notion that the more you give yourself these experiences, the more you’re going to be enlightened. What does enlightenment mean, that you’re going to keep having these experiences and having sex? No ultimately you’re going to be free of it. It’s almost as if you have a plate full of food that you just ate. And then someone else comes and gives you another plate of food, and you say “no thanks, it’s alright, I’m full.”

And so sexual energy does not pertain to anyone. It’s your own, you can generate it as you know. You can cultivate it on your own. But just remember it’s the vibrational energy that heals and transforms. And it also transforms into Big Love, into love that does not pertain to anyone or a particular situation or anything like that. So just know why you’re doing what you’re doing. And also know and be clear where the ego wants to have it more and more and more. When we get into that type of cycle which our entire culture is on it. Just look at our economy. It’s facing us with that, something that never quenches, never feeds itself, just incessant.


  1. Matthew says:

    Amazing, your videos are depthful at the same time juicy. Your radiance shines far and wide. Thank you for your message of consciousness!

  2. Romaldo Avila says:

    This comment is for you about your message.
    There is not enough room on DM.

    The big bang that occurred in our solar system happened about ten thousand years ago when the Yellow planet exploded. That planet was inhabited. Everyone survived because they helped and cooperated with each other.

    The PURE SPIRIT or PURE ENERGY, you speak about, is the Universal Creator, from Whom everyone in the seven solar systems emanates.

    Each and everyone of us was created Pure Energy with scientific, philosophical, universal art and mystical intelligence. simply put, a well rounded individual.

    We, on the surface of planet Earth, lost that when split ourselves in two by creating Egos. We split into Divine Soul {female and stayed in heaven} and Divine Essence {masculine walks Earth} In a nut shell, we are half individuals controlled by our created egos who have forgotten who we are and are unable to unite with our soul.

    The incessant chatter in our minds are these egos, as you may have guessed, have our stolen our perfect energy and have kept our divine Essence prisoner.

    You have come this far in your acquisition of knowledge because Your Essence has been pushing you. You have the fire-power to eliminate all 7 egos and be united with your Real Father, Real Being or Soul. This is the purpose of being born and given a new .body

    You can accomplish this, with the wise use of your sexual energies to get rid of your egos and to create your Solar Bodies.

    The sexual energy transformation, you talk about, will convert this body from its condense form into pure energy {it original form}.

    All the knowledge you seek, your Real Father has it. You can also find it in the Archives of Nature. From the Ancient One, Who, fortunately is living with us here on Earth at present.

    You are receiving from me because that’s how the Law operates. You have earned it.

    Strive to arrive!

    Stay Well


  3. Zeerak,

    Thank you for such a wonderful sharing of your knowledge and wisdom on vibration and the meeting of souls on a vibrational level. So good to know that there is work going on on the level you are aiding the world with. Your words resonate greatly with thoughts I have had for so long, good to know that there are people sharing those thoughts and moving to expand consciousness throughout this amazing planet we dwell on.

    Thank you.


  4. Joe says:

    I don’t thinks she needs an explanation of her own teachings Ramaldo. Your own thoughts are respected but she is the teacher here, not you. She is so right on target! Gotta love her!

  5. Aman Spandan says:

    Goddess. You are at the center of the Ringing Radiance, the Pure Vibration of Supernal Bliss. It spreads through You and engulfs those who are open to it. My being is ecstatic with Your vibration ever since You touched me. Reverence <3

    P.S. – Ronaldo, be humble and bow before Her and you may gain some authentic insight.

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