Awakened Sexuality

There are many paths to human evolution. Each of us has our own unique way to approach Spiritual awakening. As we unravel the mystery within, Conscious sexuality and deep intimacy can open doorways to limitless potential. Sexual energy is ultimately neutral. What we do with it greatly depends on our clear intention and awareness. Join me in embodying sexual energy as the source of love, creativity, healing, transformation and ultimately Spiritual liberation.

We explore:

  • What is conscious sexuality?
  • The nature of pleasure, desire & passion
  • Cultivation of sexual energy
  • Breath, sound & movement
  • Transcending sexual taboos
  • Impulse of creation & sexual urge
  • Intimate sexual relationships as a Spiritual practice
  • Sexual polarity
  • Surrendering as love moment to moment
  • Communicating with clarity, transparency,
    intimacy, vulnerability, honesty & heart
  • Sexual union as meditation

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