Counselor • Author • Mentor • Guide

Zeerak Khan is a spiritual counselor, awakened sexuality mentor, and a conscious relationship guide. She is the author of the forthcoming book Making Love with Creation which maps out a unique yet pragmatic approach to the power of living aligned with consciousness and life force energy. She is also founder of Life Energy Process, an innovative method for healing and harmonizing the mind, body and spirit.

Zeerak’s Passion is Guiding Others to:

  • Awaken to their Core Essence
  • Reclaim their Sexual Nature

Zeerak is a one woman powerhouse of down-to-earth practicality blended with the knowledge of how to open to larger universal energies.

Her fresh approach combines Consciousness & Sexuality as a part of one creative life force process, and always points the individual back to the core essence of being. Her teachings are based on 20 years of studies in ancient and modern wisdom traditions, contemporary shamanic practices and mythology. She integrates the richness of her knowledge effortlessly within the framework of our frenetic—often stressful—modern lifestyle, always emphasizing simplicity in practice. The result is a direct experience of how to have life expressed through YOU organically and sensually.

Her experiential workshops and talks teach people how to live fearlessly and engage in life with deep intimacy, bodily aliveness, passion, joy and presence. In both her workshops and sessions with individuals and couples, Zeerak has been a grateful witness to the transformation of countless students over the years.