We live in amazingly creative times. Our world grows increasingly connected by the minute, information flows more readily than ever, and we’re living longer, healthier lives through advances in knowledge and technology. Yet, somewhere beneath the surface of all that’s happening in the world, many of us still experience a deep sense of disconnection—from our own selves, from each other, from Creation. It’s as if there’s a part of us that can never be satisfied and looks to other people or events or circumstances that will somehow fulfill us in the future. In a fundamental way, we have forgotten the core essence of who we are. That internal disconnection—the forgetting—leads to war, violence, addiction and suffering on many levels. It reduces us to survival-mode and limits our ability to be fully human, to be fully alive.

A New Story

It’s time for a new story. That story begins in our connection to awareness. In awareness, we learn where we have split ourselves off from Creation. In awareness, we also embody how to return home…to the ground of our being and the life force that we are. We embrace existence as a magical opportunity to experience our connection, to evolve, to create. Life becomes the canvas and we the artists.

Life Force Energy

One of the primary and the most devastating ways that we separate ourselves from aliveness – from life itself – lies in our sexuality. Sexual life force energy is the birthing force of Creation, the ecstatic dance of the infinite into finite form. Sexual energy pulsates throughout and pervades our reality—the flowers blossom, the birds sing, the tides beckon. The power of birth is one of the true miracles of existence. And yet, sexual energy is not “just” procreational. Neither is it confined to genital stimulation or coitus. Sexual energy resonates throughout the great tapestry of Creation. The more we open to it, the more connected we are with the source of life, the more we live with passion, creativity and ecstasy.

Look around, however, and you will see a world dominated by sexual imagery and doctrine. It doesn’t matter if it’s in repression or exploitation, we are all raised with stories of who we are sexually. And those stories influence the many choices that we make in our lives on a daily basis. They influence our emotions or how we feel about ourselves, how we love, how we connect with others, who we think we are. Those stories disconnect us from our hearts, the beauty of sexual energy and fragment our ability to know our true connection. In our fragmented versions of sexuality, we seek to complete a part of ourselves that is not whole, to find some relief from our sense of separation. Sexuality, for most of us, has become split from Creation, from spirituality, from that wholeness that we already are.

No Separation

As we open in awareness, we realize that we are not separate from Creation itself. This realization ultimately guides us to consciousness. We began to recognize that consciousness is evolving through us in a profound way leading us to the end of our separation. Every breath we take, every moment we experience, becomes aligned with the flow of life. We contribute to and become the evolution of the universe. Our existence becomes a divine act of lovemaking. We make love with Creation.