Beyond Survival

Zeerak beckons us to fearlessly live in the unknown and allow divine intelligence to carry us. Only then can we live beyond simply base, biological and survival needs and contribute to our evolution, individually and collectively.


That’s what we’re doing. We human beings are just simply living for the most part in our biological dimension. And making more money and [striving for] a better place to do it all in. You know: going to be bathroom and eating and sleeping and making love or having sex.

Do we think that, we are as this enormity bound to time and space and are only here to strive for just a better relationship, or better sex, or more money, or better looks? That we are bound to matter and space and death? That’s a mistake. We’ve high jacked our priorities.

Have courage to live in the unknown. Risk, dive in, abandon and let this intelligence carry you. Give it a chance.

Look around you. Look around everyone. We have all the millions of self help books we need (laughter), tons of custom tailored workshops for everything you need. From how to make money, to how to have a relationship. All the more we have more divorces and lack of communication and intimacy in this culture than ever.

Stop and ask yourself, why? What’s missing? Where is our transparency, our intimacy? Where are we? Why are we still hungry? We are the microcosm of the macrocosm. You are hungry for something and you are sitting here today, there is a person in Africa physically hungry. We are interrelated, interdependent, interconnected. Ask yourself, do we really have time for our petty, ego dominated, self perpetuated problems? Or are we here to contribute to the evolution of the universe together? So no man goes hungry, no wars are raging. Ask yourself, is this really a significant journey, is this really worth it, each one of us individually and as a collective?

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