Zeerak on Radio Talk Show

Zeerak is interviewed by Aeimee Diaz on her internet radio talk show, Random Affairs.


The Big Glow Radio: Making Love with God: A dialogue with Brian Piergrossi & Zeerak Khan

Author, Spiritual Mentor, Awakened Sexuality & Conscious Relationship Guide, Zeerak Khan and Life Coach, Author and Spiritual Teacher Brian Piergrossi engage in a 60 min dialogue on the spiritual path in the 21st Century, enlightenment, sexuality, relationships, self-realization, and the non-dual truth.

The Nature of Conscious Relationships

What are some of the characteristics, or lack there of, of conscious relationships? How does awakening and intimate relating go together? How does love move us as we come together with another and how can love transcend even the relationship we’re in?


Disorientation of Unlearning

Unlearning everything that we know can be a challenge. Listen as Zeerak talks about how his journey of the unknown will teach us to stay and live on sheer trust.