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Every exhale of breath that we make relies on every inhale of breath that we take.

Without darkness, there would be no light. Order is defined against the backdrop of chaos. Sometimes we think of opposites as being separate from one another. But how is it that they can be separate when they need each other to exist? Even space and form are one unified energy. In the world of form, we tend to only pay attention to that which is visible to the naked eye. And yet, form is simply the compaction of space, and space expanded form. Energy and form are inseparable. (more…)

Zeerak on Radio Talk Show

Zeerak is interviewed by Aeimee Diaz on her internet radio talk show, Random Affairs.


The Essence of all Essence – Part 1

True Nature has many names but ultimately it is undefinable. Language falls short to describe our fundamental nature. Imagine a world where we simply knew I Am awareness, that we are wholeness already. This creative principal is who we are. It has no duality. It is infinite.

The Essence of all Essence – Part 2

We are all one infinite field of potential and awareness is absolute clarity and wisdom. When we are grounded in the present moment we have no questions unless we believe in our thoughts.

The Big Glow Radio: Making Love with God: A dialogue with Brian Piergrossi & Zeerak Khan

Author, Spiritual Mentor, Awakened Sexuality & Conscious Relationship Guide, Zeerak Khan and Life Coach, Author and Spiritual Teacher Brian Piergrossi engage in a 60 min dialogue on the spiritual path in the 21st Century, enlightenment, sexuality, relationships, self-realization, and the non-dual truth.

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