The True Self Reflection

When we sit in spacious awareness the past doesn’t hold any power. We disidentify with our personal stories and open to the incredible power of the present moment, to the intelligence of the cosmos, to the inexplicable design of the universe.


So, one main aspect that will help when we flounder on this path would be self inquiry. Self reflection in not about the human fortress of me, me, me. That is not the self reflection I’m talking about although, unfortunately there has been a misunderstanding in some spiritual circles that it’s all about checking out your patterns, breaking your patterns and your failings and your wrong doings. “Why do I do what I do, and how do I do it?” And then we have history and story, and story about why when, “I was five years old my mama did this so now I’m like this at twenty five. Then I’m still doing that because I was that when I was fifteen.” And on and on.

That’s not what I’m talking about. Although, I’m not negating any of that. It is a stage of evolution. I don’t find that useful for myself but you just may. So I’m not negating it.

But what I’m also asking you to look at, that to what end do you want to dig up your past? Wouldn’t you much rather simply connect with that which is available to you right now? That drops every story in a millisecond, like that! Wipes out your history, and brings you to be here in the sheer truth that at this moment I’m sitting on this chair looking at Jewel. Just that is the only thing available to me. And the next moment I’m looking at Jason, that’s the only thing available to me and to engage with this type of intimacy.

So, self reflection is about reflecting on your true nature. And the very nature of this inexplicable design of the universe. And then to ask your self, when I begin to realize this enormity within myself, how shall I live? How can I have spirit in action?

These were the questions that were asked by some of the most brilliant minds in the world. We have forgotten to ask these questions from ourselves.


  1. Aman Spandan says:

    In pure being, there is only acausal love that is boundless bliss.

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