Life Energy Process

Defense Mechanisms

From the moment we are born, we immediately begin the process of trying to make sense of our new environment and its seemingly paradoxical nature.

As we begin to journey through life, we build defense mechanisms that hold us back from experiencing our joy—and our pain—in their totality. We disconnect from ourselves and no longer embrace our emotions as part of our naturalness. Our potential becomes a distant dream, and we cope with our experiences by becoming a by-product of our culture, organized religion, image makers and our social peer groups. Our body learns to hold both pleasure and pain tightly under wraps, which eventually leads to imploding within or destructive outward explosions. Years of pain, addictions, depression, fears, resentments, suppressed anger, sexual repression and limited ecstatic expression of self is apparent in the fragmented state of our society today.

Survival & Separation

Each one of us develops bodily character structures and masked personalities in order to protect the annihilation of the organism, “The Self”. As we cultivate them, armor builds up in our muscular structure biologically. We create a huge separation between spirit, body and mind. We become only thinking beings cutting ourselves off from fully feeling. Energetically our subtle energy centers vibrate slower and slower, we walk around with distorted breathing patterns, guarded hearts, minds and bodies.

All of this can be witnessed in the chaotic frenzy of our lives: our incapacity to fully love, our resistance to opening, our resistance to surrendering moment to moment to what life has to offer, and giving into ignorance and helplessness. Additionally, it shows up in our health, Sexuality, commitment to intimacy, communication, creativity and passion in all arenas of our lives.

Healing the Split

The purpose of Life Energy Process is to heal the split between Spirit, body and mind. To cultivate our inner awareness. To awaken at the heart and to have a vibrantly alive body. Becoming a holistic being fully capable of experiencing the ebb and flow, joys and sorrows of life fully with deep presence, passion, love and compassion no matter what the outer circumstance.

Life Energy Process is designed to restore our connection to awareness and release repressed conflicts, suppressed emotions, muscular tensions, and subtle body energy blocks. The outcome? Returning back to our core essence that we have forgotten.

Do you truly desire to unlock your intuitive wisdom and live life as love and presence? If so, Awareness is the key.

Awakened Sexuality

There are many paths to human evolution. Each of us has our own unique way to approach Spiritual awakening. As we unravel the mystery within, Conscious sexuality and deep intimacy can open doorways to limitless potential. Sexual energy is ultimately neutral. What we do with it greatly depends on our clear intention and awareness. Join me in embodying sexual energy as the source of love, creativity, healing, transformation and ultimately Spiritual liberation.

We explore:

  • What is conscious sexuality?
  • The nature of pleasure, desire & passion
  • Cultivation of sexual energy
  • Breath, sound & movement
  • Transcending sexual taboos
  • Impulse of creation & sexual urge
  • Intimate sexual relationships as a Spiritual practice
  • Sexual polarity
  • Surrendering as love moment to moment
  • Communicating with clarity, transparency,
    intimacy, vulnerability, honesty & heart
  • Sexual union as meditation

Elements of Life Energy Process:

  • Spiritual discourses
  • Deeper embodiment of the Spiritual impulse & life force energy
  • Utilizing & channeling sexual energy properly
  • Breathing practices
  • Self reflection & introspection
  • Meditation for cultivation of inner awareness
  • Meditation practices for emotional body
  • Connecting to source vibration through sound
  • Life energy practices (vibrational medicine for cells & muscles)
  • Pressure points to release trauma in the body
  • Conscious diet


  • Abiding in awareness
  • Expanding beyond ego & accepting life as is
  • Vibrantly alive body
  • Presence
  • Increased creativity
  • Dissolving past physical & emotional trauma & negative imprints
  • Natural breathing patterns
  • Healing the split between spirituality & sexuality
  • Clarity of the mind
  • Self actualization
  • Receptivity to more joy & passion in life
  • Self ignition
  • Transcending paradigms, belief structures & stories
    that keep us from embracing our core essence