Zeerak on Radio Talk Show

Zeerak is interviewed by Aeimee Diaz on her internet radio talk show, Random Affairs.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  1. Aman Spandan says:

    Goddess, what You say about the rhythms of pain too being absorbed in the holistic Awareness is right on the spot, as indeed all Your insights are. All through my life I have experienced the wonderful alchemy of pain if it is not resisted. If we neither resist pain nor dull our awareness by the use of nay analgesic or psychotropic `medicine`, if we give in to pain even if it nearly annihilates our very being, we reach the flowering of consciousness and a rare depth of insight once the pain begins to subside. I have just emerged from hellish trauma of two years which I faced without using any kind of medicine. Now, peace is enveloping me and my having found You is a wonderfully auspicious sign that cosmos is opening up the path of light for me. Reverence Goddess.

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