Disorientation of Unlearning

Unlearning everything that we know can be a challenge. Listen as Zeerak talks about how his journey of the unknown will teach us to stay and live on sheer trust.


So also on this journey we must have clarity of intention. Truly. An intention that we can eat, breath, make love to, every day. With passion. Again, with deep sincerity and purposefulness.

Most of us think that intention is about a goal. Some sort of goal that I have to reach, so I’m going to intent it to be so and then I’m going to get there. It’s a big thing in the new age world these days, “Power of Intention.” Huge.

But again, the intention that I speak of is aligning yourself with the universe. Where the universe is already going. Which means, for example, a seed. When it’s first planted it does not know where it’s going, it doesn’t, it has no idea. So what it does is simply aligns with its intention of why it’s here, what’s its true purpose. It’s to grow, it’s to create, it’s to evolve, that’s all. And it reaches out and has its action for soil, soft nurturing, for the sun, and then it’s a fragile little branch. Then of course, it doesn’t even know that it will flower. And definitely if it’s a rose bush it’s not sitting around saying, “Well, you know I think I’m going to be a sunflower. Nah maybe not. Sunflower doesn’t work for me. I think I’m going to be a carnation. Oh no, no, god I wish I was a bamboo. No sycamore tree would be better. That’s what I’m going to be!” And all the more it’s a rose bush. Just in its own uniqueness and beauty.

So intention as I speak of is aligning with that which is our true purpose. And to realizing the hero’s journey, the seeker’s journey shall I say, lies within realizing the true purpose of your existence first. And then you can pursue any workshops you want, how much money you want to make, and how to manifest it. And possibly most of those motivations will shift quite a bit actually, quite a bit. So intention, that is what intention is, in the context of cultivating inner awareness. Clarity of intention is very important.


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