Love Does Not Fail Us

I came from far away to dance with you,
For I knew that you would.

I have been here all along waiting,
But the love of fame and distrust keeps you away.

Love does not fail us,
It is we who stop believing.
It is we who do not Love.

Love awaits your call,
Yes, it finds you worthy.

Divine is mysterious,
But yet, revealing all around you.
Can you see?

Like an innocent child,
An unbloomed flower,
Anger of another man.

Like the rhythm and the beat of your heart,
Like the miracle in your darkest night.
Like the movement of your feet,
Like the wind of deceit,
And the woman whom you danced with just last night.

Love does not fail us,
It is we who stop believing.
It is we who do not love.

~Zeerak Khan


  1. Lion says:

    This Is How

    This is how love opens
    A rose in the sun, releasing its fragrance.

    This is how love grows
    A child at play, learning how the world works.

    This is how love expands
    Space and time, the speed of light.

    This is how love looks
    Your being here, now, before me, as myself.

    This is how love feels
    Immense weightlessness, floating in warm water.

    This is how love desires
    The desert wanting rain, the cloud wanting release.

    This is how love tastes
    Parsnip soup, foia gras, champagne, your tongue.

    This is how love sounds
    A diva singing Wally,Scarlatt’s concerto, your accent.

    This is how love smells
    Your hair, your skin, bread baking in a warm kitchen, the rose opening in the sun.

  2. Jay Patel says:

    Zeerak, this is so beautiful, you are blessed with a gift to write and now the universe has given ‘insight and light’ to that gift by opening up its wonders and energy to you to share with your fellow man.

    I look forward to your new book as it is along the lines of recent questions / thoughts I have had on how LOVE, RADHA KRISHNA, KARMA SUTRA (looking past the mundane sex and into the true meaning) TANTRA and ANCIENT SYMBOLS are all somehow connected. I was in India and Nepal last few weeks and I had amazing visions and connections with the universe. I know you don’t know me and so may treat this with whatever, but I know you have answers to some of my questions and the universe will deliver them to me. As it says in the Celestine Prosphecy, we all either have a message or will give a message to everyone we connect with if we learn to look out for them.

    I am on twitter 007007JAY


    Live with Passion and dance in the field of infinite possibilities

  3. chris venneker says:

    beautiful words and somehow they talk directly to me. I recognize the dancer i once was. Love always. Chris

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